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Alisaie’s Attire Now Available to Buy in FFXIV Online Store

FFXIV Brand-new Alisaie's Attire

Alisaie’s iconic outfit is finally available for all players to buy in the FFXIV Online Store as part of the new small batch of optional items, alongside the Little Lady’s Crown headpiece. In addition, there are also 27 past Little Ladies’ Day items on sale in the shop just in time for the in-game event.

You can find the outfit under the name Brand-new Alisaie’s Attire in the Online Store for $15. This set consists of a beige one-piece gear and the Scion’s Hairstyle. The whole look was used by Alisaie throughout FFXIV’s second expansion, Heavensward.

This FFXIV Alisaie gear isn’t limited by gender or race, although it may cause clipping issues on some characters. The hairstyle will be available at the aesthetician once bought and can be dyed.

This is the third set of clothes at the FFXIV online store based on the Leveilleur siblings. The first one was the Sharlayan Prodigy’s Suit followed by the Brand-new Alphinaud’s Attire.

As for the Little Lady’s Crown, this was originally distributed as a limited-time unlockable for completing the 2022 edition of the Little Ladies’ Day event questline. Now it can be bought in the FFXIV Online Store for $3.

FFXIV Online Store Little Lady's Crown

The ongoing Little Ladies’ Day sale covers many theme-related accessories, gear sets, emotes, and furnishing items from previous editions. Here is the full list of deals:

  • Princess’s Peach Corsage – $2.10
  • Seneschal’s Monocle – $2.10
  • Authentic Eastern Stage – $3.50
  • Authentic Little Ladies’ Day Banner – $3.50
  • Flower Crown – $2.10
  • Five Servings of Authentic Festive Chirashi-zushi – $3.50
  • Five Plates of Authentic Festive Sushi Balls – $3.50
  • Emote: Songbirds Cheer Set – $3.50
  • Emote: Cheer On – $1.40
  • Emote: Cheer Wave – $1.40
  • Emote: Cheer Jump – $1.40
  • Authentic Far Eastern Doll Display – $3.50
  • Siren Song Orchestrion Roll – $2.10
  • Songbird Attire – $3.50
  • Royal Seneschal Attire – $3.50
  • Emote: Songbird – $1.40
  • Authentic Eastern Cherry Petal Pile – $3.50
  • Authentic Little Ladies’ Day Advertisement – $3.50
  • Lord’s Suikan Set – $3.50
  • Lady’s Suikan Set – $3.50
  • Authentic Thorne Dynasty Mantelshelf – $3.50
  • Little Ladies’ Day Furnishing Set (2015)
  • Authentic Eastern Cherry Tree – $3.50
  • Authentic Felt Mat – $3.50
  • Peach Blossom Choker – $2.10
  • Peach Blossoms – $2.10
  • Minion: Wind-up Edvya – $3.50

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The Little Ladies’ Day event is now live and will end on March 15. 2023.

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