Production Kawaii 3rd Generation Enchantasia VTubers Abruptly Graduate Aletta Sky, Peony Aeria, Sava Safari, and Miryu Kotofuji

All 4 Production Kawaii 3rd Generation Enchantasia VTubers Abruptly Graduate

Production Kawaii announced that the four remaining VTubers who are part of its 3rd generation all graduated on April 7, 2023. Aletta Sky, Peony Aeria, Sava Safari, and Miryu Kotofuji all ceased activities. There is no final goodbye stream for any of the performers. Their YouTube channel’s content will only remain online until April 30, 2023 before being deleted, and merchandise sales will end on April 30, 2023 as well. The official announcement cited “disagreement over the directions of the production” between the four remaining members of this generation and the company.

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Here’s the official Production Kawaii announcement about the 3rd generation of its VTubers all graduating at once. It noted that this group, which initially consisted of five members and debuted on August 28, 2023, was only active for seven months. It also noted that people who took part in the Aletta and Sava donothon can request refunds. The announcement didn’t disclose what disagreement between management and the VTubers resulted in the mass graduation.

All four of the performers shared farewell messages on Twitter. Here’s one from Aletta Sky.

Here is Miryu Kotofuji’s final message.

This is the one from Peony Aeria.

Here is Sava Safari’s message.

When Enchantasia debuted, it consisted of five members. Oceane Otoishi graduated on February 1, 2023 after just over five months. Her contract was terminated for spreading false information, slander, and “inappropriate contact with individuals outside the company.”

Here is the reveal video for Enchantasia.

People have until April 30, 2023 to watch Production Kawaii 3rd generation VTuber videos and purchase their merchandise.

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