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All about Away: Shuffle Dungeon


asd.jpgAQ Interactive should open the floodgates in regards to information on Away: Shuffle Dungeon soon. Mistwalker and Artoon’s game must be nearing completion since Virgin Play plans on releasing it in Europe this summer. Instead of waiting for information to come from Japan, I spoke to Diana Radetski Sánchez, the PR Manager at Virgin Play and inquired what Away: Shuffle Dungeon is about. So, I hope you enjoy the first English interview about Away: Shuffle Dungeon!  


What made Away: Shuffle Dungeon a game Virgin Play wanted to publish?


The creative team working on the title is fantastic. We also didn’t have an RPG in our catalogue and the quality and creativity it possesses makes it a clear AAA contender, and a AAA title is always welcome!


Is Virgin Play handling the localization? What languages will Away: Shuffle Dungeon be available in?


We are working WITH AQ interactive for the localization. Our intention is to translate Away Shuffle Dungeon in 5 languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. V.2 PLAY’s commitment to quality makes us strive to give the best game-play experience to the end user and having it in your own language always helps. Away is difficult, because its text heavy, but we’re doing our best to be consistent with our promise.


What is the main character, Sword, like?


He’s passionate, but shy. He’s the survivor of a shipwreck, and is left alone in Webb village and is its only hope to come back to life again.


asd2.jpgCan you tell us about the curse and the story behind Sword's quest?


There is a lot of mystery here. Nobody really knows… Webb village has been suffering from the Away phenomenon. Once a year for the past 99 years a villager has been going about his every day life, and then suddenly disappears, without a trace! Even their home disappears. Everything changes when the 100th victim is selected…


How do the shuffle dungeons work?


The dungeons are like a labyrinth, you will have a certain amount of time to get in, try to find someone and get them out before the dungeon shuffles, which will take you back to the beginning of the level. Sometimes the top will shuffle, sometimes the bottom, and try not to lose anyone in the shuffle!


Why does Sword have to rescue the residents in the dungeons?


Sword has to rescue the residents so that they can start to rebuild their village, and their lives. He has to find them before he gets shuffled out and avoid traps and enemies on the way.


How does Sword grow as a character? What kinds of skills can he get?


As he explores and gets more points and saves people, he will get more help (the villagers will lend him a hand once rescued) and be able to purchase and find new weapons, potions and a variety of items that will help him in his quest. He’ll also befriend fupongs, magical creatures that will give him a hand when he needs it. Sword needs to use his head, not just his brawn in order to be able to beat the bosses and the dungeons!


Some Sakaguchi-san's games have a "New Game +" mode where players can go back and experience the game again while retaining their level. Is there anything similar or any challenges to face after beating Away: Shuffle Dungeon?


There will be a lot of exploring and revisiting available in the game. There’s a lot that needs to be done in order to rebuild a village!


What is Virgin Play's relationship with AQ Interactive? Do you have any plans to publish Blue Dragon Plus?


Virgin PLAY and AQ Interactive have entered in a partnership. We will be publishing titles of one another in markets that they were not previously available. Blue Dragon Plus is in interesting game and you never know…


Images courtesy of AQ Interactive.

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