RKGK Chapter 4 Ghost Locations
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All Chapter 4 Ghost Locations in RKGK

Chapter 4 of RKGK contains some especially tricky ghost locations. From pitch-black levels to tighter time limits for red coin races, these may prove to be a greater problem than in previous chapters.

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All Ghost Locations in Dawn Station

About halfway through the level, you’ll reach a large room with sideways-moving platforms on a rapidly flowing pool. One of the center platforms contains a ghost. You can either try to grab it while the platforms are on the move, or you can hit the switch on the far side to stop them.

Immediately after the previous ghost, the next passage will contain a blue crystal. This is another red coin race, although it can be tricky. While it may seem counterintuitive, I’d advise not surfing here. The current of the shallow water will keep you moving at a decent speed, but you’ll have more control to move between lanes. At the bottom of the ramp, a ghost will appear if you’ve collected all the red coins.

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The final ghost location can be found during a portion of the level where you ride a platform down some rapids while trying to avoid pipes. The ghost shows up on the left side.

All Ghost Locations in Industrial Water Park

The first of the ghost locations in this level of RKGK Chapter 4 is incredibly easy to miss. Near the start of the level, you’ll encounter a grind rail. The ghost is found inside an alcove opposite this rail, tucked behind the wall.

After you deactivate the waterfall, you’ll see a blue crystal immediately behind it. Enter the next area and take out some of the enemies before attempting this red coin race though. The coins appear and disappear quickly, and these enemies can easily get in your way. Once they’re done, jump back to the platform with the switch to position yourself to start the race. Now grab the crystal, collect the red coins, and grab the ghost at the end.

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There will be an area while you’re using pipes as platforms where the camera will swing around to a side-scrolling angle. Soon after, you’ll see a pipe angled upwards to the left. Move up this pipe, then jump and glide to the right to find the final ghost.

All Ghost Locations in Chokepoint

After the first sinking room, you’ll enter a corridor containing a blue crystal. It’s another red coin race, and this one’s easy as the corridor has no obstacles to deal with. Simply collect the coins and get the ghost, as usual.

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In the second sinking room, there is a platform to the left of the area containing the second ghost. You can find it after the wall jump, then the ramp with the grapple. Jump off the left of the next ledge, then quickly jump back to the main structure with the ghost. You’ll need to move quick for this one.

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In the third sinking room, there is a screen ahead of you from the start. The ghost can be found on the back of the screen, accessed from the high platform next to it.

All Ghost Locations in Clockwork Heart

After passing through the spinning gate near the start of the level, you’ll see a pool with spinning platforms to cross. There is also a spinning platform angled upwards. Carefully travel up this route to make a ghost appear on the main path. A set of coins will also appear indicating where to jump down.

After lowering the water level for the first time, you’ll need to cross some spinning gear platforms. At the second set of these, look to the right to see a small gap you can slide under. You’ll find the second ghost in this room.

At the end of the level, use the platforms on either side of the room to reach an extra room behind the exit tower. It contains a large screen and a third ghost location.

All Ghost Locations in Blindfold.EXE

This Chapter 4 level is one of the hardest-to-find ghost locations in all of RKGK due to the lack of light. The first ghost on this level is extremely easy to miss. As you travel the path and get near some ledges with grapple hooks, you may notice a ledge off the main path filled with crates. Head over there. To the right of this ledge, barely visible, is an alcove you can jump into that contains the first ghost.

In the second room of the level, there is a blue crystal that activates a red coin race. This one can be a little challenging as it requires two sharp turns and two sets of jumps across small platforms. At the end of the run, you’ll collect the second ghost.

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At the big screen right before the end of the level, the third ghost can be found inside an alcove under the platform next to the screen. You can access it from the ledge nearest the exit.

RKGK is out now for PC.

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