RKGK Chapter 2 Ghost Locations
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All Ghost Locations in RKGK Chapter 2

The ghost locations in RKGK start getting difficult in Chapter 2. Secret routes, red coin challenges, and wall jumps all stand in your way as you seek out these collectibles.

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All Ghost Locations in Assembly Floor

All the ghost locations in Assembly Floor are close to one another. After climbing up a structure with a lot of ramps, you’ll reach a big screen. After tagging it, look to the left of both the screen and the path to the rest of the level. There is a gap in the wall you can use to wall-jump and find the ghost.

Continue along the main path to the next factory floor area. There is a graffiti screen peeking out from behind a fence. Look next to the screen to see some spray cans guiding you to a gap between two walls. Use wall jumps to climb for the height required to glide to a new area with more moving crates. Cross this to find a platform with a blue crystal. Touch this crystal to make a path of red coins appear. Collect them all in the time limit and a ghost will appear at the grapple point.

Continue along the main path until you pass through a hole in a wall with a grate ahead of you to the right. There is an obvious grapple path towards the exit, but glance to the left and you’ll see the final ghost. There is a lower path to the left, opposite the platform with the grate. Head down this path and you can grapple to the ghost.

All Ghost Locations in Manufacturing Bay

At the start of the level, you will see a screen just past the laser gates you have to jump over. In this corner areas, there are a series of high platforms that allow you to reach the first ghost of the level.

Past a corridor full of laser grids, you’ll reach a high room full of enemies, including one you can grapple onto. Use the ledge on the left of the room to reach some higher platforms and a second enemy you can grapple. Use it to reach a static grapple point which will take you to a high corridor containing the second ghost.

The final ghost location is behind the second large screen. Head behind it to see a rail, but don’t use it yet. Instead, look down into the area below it to see the first large screen, plus some ledges you couldn’t previously access. Glide to a series of platforms to the right of the area and you’ll see the third ghost ahead on another platform you can glide to.

All Ghost Locations in Heat Sink

After a room full of moving platforms, you’ll enter a room with a dangerous lava floor and a grind rail ahead of you. Ignore it and look down to see a blue crystal on a platform below. Touch it to make a group of red coins appear. Follow the route, hitting a switch to make a rail appear, and at the end you’ll be rewarded with the first ghost.

The second ghost is very easy to miss. After a section where you use two grind rails circling some towers, you’ll reach a platform with some enemies. Defeat them, then look for a wall jump section near where you landed. Head up here to reach a platform with a group of coins. This isn’t the top, however, as continuing to wall jump upwards will get you the second ghost.

The third ghost is not only on a secret route but also hidden well on that route. You’ll reach a platforms with a group of enemies with the level exit visible ahead. Don’t head to the exit, though. Instead, look for a platform in the lava and drop to it to find a switch under the platform. This opens a door in the room leading to a new route.

To find the ghost on this route, look for a section with crumbling platforms ending with a wall jump to a narrow ledge. Look to the left of this ledge to see the ghost sitting near the lava between two close walls. Wall slide down to towards the lava to collect the ghost. As soon as you do, immediately start wall jumping back to safety.

All Ghosts Locations in Evade.EXE

All three ghost locations in this final level of RKGK chapter 2 are placed along the level path. The first is found hovering above a gap in the path shortly after the second checkpoint. The second is sitting in the middle of a curve in the path after the third checkpoint. The final ghost is sitting in plain sight right before the exit.

RKGK is out now for PCs.

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