All Honkai: Star Rail Artisanship Commission Treasure Locations

Honkai Star Rail Artisan Commission Treasure Warp Trotter

Like many areas, the Honkai: Star Rail Artisanship Commission is littered with treasure chests. These Xianzhou Luofu treasures are valuable, usually containing leveling items, credits, common relics, and crafting materials. The Artisanship Commission map counts 11 treasures you can encounter as you run around trying to weaken the Abundant Ebon Deer. Here’s where you can find every treasure location.

Treasure 1

The first treasure is easy to find. Once you’ve convinced one of the apprentices to let you through the entrance gate, this treasure is immediately to your right.

Treasure 2

At the Creation Furnace Space Anchor, you simply have to follow path across the shipping crates to some stairs. While facing up at this stairway, turn right and you’ll find the second treasure.

Treasure 3

After your first failed attempt at fighting the Abundant Ebon Deer, the party will encounter a second Ambrosial Arbor coil puzzle. Just to the right of this puzzle is a small staircase. Head up this staircase to find the third treasure on a high ledge.

Treasure 4

Once you reach the Passage to the Sapientia Academe Space Anchor next to a closed gate, take the path to the left of the Shifting Screen you used to get here. You’ll find some enemies across a bridge. Once you defeat them, you can find a Honkai: Star Rail Artisanship Commission treasure tucked away on a ledge just behind where they were.

Treasure 5

Follow the route to the right of the Passage to the Sapientia Academe Space Anchor. As the path turns to the right, you should be able to see the treasure (and some enemies) on the way.

Treasure 6

After solving the final Ambrosial Arbor coil puzzle, you can find a side area to the south of it. After defeating some enemies here, you can find the treasure on the other side of the courtyard.

Treasure 7

After the previous treasure, head through the large gate nearby to gain a shortcut to the Passage to the Sapientia Academe Space Anchor. Head right and go past where you found Treasure 4. Cross two bridges to find the elevator to the Ebon Deer fight. This treasure can be found just to the left of the elevator.

Treasure 8

After defeating the Abundant Ebon Deer, you can access a new area in the path behind its location. Head down the stairs and turn right past the archway in the area full of shipping crates. Head down more stairs and you can find a Shifting Screen looking out over a large gap. Instead of using it to teleport immediately, rotate it first. This will take you on a new path that leads to this treasure.

Treasure 9

After opening Treasure 8, rotate the Shifting Screen that got you here to open a route to yet another small area containing a treasure.

Treasure 10

Either rotate the Shifting Screen by Treasure 9 or use the first Shifting Screen for Treasure 8 without rotating. Both of these allow you to reach an area with shortcut back to the entrance gate of the Artisanship Commission. The final treasure is just east of this shortcut gate.

Treasure 11

The final Honkai: Star Rail, the Artisanship Commission treasure on the map count isn’t a chest. Instead, it’s a Warp Trotter, a cowardly enemy that drops significant rewards when defeated. You can find this creature by following the route to Treasure 8 but this time, turn left past the archway instead of right. Follow the winding path through the shipping crates and cross some panels across a gap to find this little guy.

Make sure to bring a party that can hit it with Physical, Lightning, Wind, Imaginary, or Quantum damage. It will spend the fight trying to run away, so heavy-hitting attacks and debuffs are important.

Honkai: Star Rail is out now for PC and mobile devices.

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