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All New Job Class Actions in FFXIV Dawntrail

Every single existing Disciple of War and Magic job class in FFXIV Dawntrail is getting a couple of new job actions. Most of these new actions are in the level 90 to 100 range, but there are some other ones sprinkled throughout the lower levels. Here are all of the new job actions for each tank, healer, and DPS class.

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Image via Square Enix

All New Tank Job Actions in FFXIV Dawntrail

Starting with the four tank jobs in FFXIV Dawntrail, here is what players can expect for all of the new job actions for Paladin, Warrior, Dark Knight, and Gunbreaker.


First up is Paladin, which receives a few new actions:

  • Level 76: Supplication and Sepulcher – These add to the Atonement combo.
  • Level 92: Guardian – Temporarily lowers damage received by 40%. In addition, gives the Paladin a shield that is equal to around a 1,000 potency heal.
  • Lv. 96: Imperator – New version of Requiescat.
  • Level 100: Blade of Honor – Combo skill for Blade of Valor.


  • Level 92: Damnation – Lowers damage temporarily by 40%. After Damnation goes away, you receive a regen-like effect for 15 seconds with a potency of 400.
  • Level 96: Primal Wrath – Combo action for Inner Release.
  • Lv. 100: Primal Ruination – Combo action for Primal Rend.

Dark Knight

  • Level 54: Shadowstride – New version of Plunge.
  • Level 68: Delirium – New version of both Blood Weapon and Delirium.
  • Lv. 92: Shadowed Vigil – Lowers damage by 40% for a time. Once the player’s HP gets below 50% or after 20 second pass (whichever is first), they receive a 1,200 potency heal.
  • Level 96: Scarlet Delirium, Comeuppance, and Torcleaver – New Delirium combo actions to take over Bloodspiller.
  • Level 100: Disesteem – Combo action for Living Shadow.


  • Level 56: Trajectory – New replacement for Rough Divide.
  • Level 92: Great Nebula – Lowers damage temporarily by 40% and boosts max HP by 20%.
  • Lv. 96: Fated Brand – AOE combo for Fated Circle.
  • Level 100: Reign of Beasts, Noble Blood, and Lion Heart – Combo actions for Bloodfest.
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All New Healer Job Actions Explained

These are all of the new job actions for the four healer jobs in FFXIV Dawntrail.

White Mage

  • Level 40: Aetherial Shift – Dash move.
  • Level 92: Glare IV – New instantly cast combo action.
  • Lv. 96: Medica III – New version for Medica II.
  • Level 98: Enhanced Tetragammaton – Grants two stacks now.
  • Level 100: Divine Caress – Combo for Temperance that grants a barrier followed by a regen for 15 seconds.


  • Level 92: Baneful Impaction – Combo action for Chain Stratagem that is a damage-over-time.
  • Level 96: Concitation – New version of Succor.
  • Lv. 96: Enhanced Recitation – Recitation’s new cooldown becomes 60 seconds.
  • Level 100: Seraphism – 100 potency regen heal for the party that lasts for 20 seconds and changes other skills.
  • Level 100: Manifestation and Accession – New versions of Adloquium and Concitation that are available while using Seraphism.


  • Level 30: Astral Draw – Lets you draw Balance, Arrow, Spire, and Lord of Crowns.
  • Level 30: Umbral Draw – Lets you draw Spear, Bole, Ewer, and Lady of Crowns.
  • Lv. 30: Play I, Play II, and Play III – Plays different cards depending on your draw.
  • Level 92: Oracle – Combo action for Divination.
  • Level 96: Helios Conjunction – New version of Aspected Helios.
  • Lv. 98: Enhanced Essential Dignity II – Gives you three charges.
  • Level 100: Sun Sign – Combo action for Neutral Sect that lowers damage by 10% for party for 15 seconds.


  • Level 82: Eukrasian Dyskrasia – AOE damage over time.
  • Level 92: Psyche – New damage spell with 60-second cooldown.
  • Lv. 96: Eukrasian Prognosis II – Stronger version.
  • Level 100: Philosophia – Buffs healing potency by 20% for 20 seconds and gives party members a 150 potency heal for every spell you do while it is active.
All new job class actions in FFXIV Dawntrail
Image via Square Enix

All New DPS Job Actions

Finally, here are all of the new job actions for the various DPS classes in FFXIV Dawntrail.


  • Level 64: Earth’s Reply – Combo action Riddle of Earth.
  • Level 92: Leaping Opo, Rising Raptor, and Pouncing Coeurl – New versions of Bootshine, True Strike, and Snap Punch, respectively.
  • Lv. 96: Wind’s Reply – Combo action for Riddle of Wind.
  • Level 100: Fire’s Reply – Combo action for Riddle of Fire.


  • Level 45: Winged Glide – New replacement for Spineshatter Dive.
  • Level 60: Geirskogul – Gives the player Life of the Dragon for 20 seconds.
  • Lv. 64: Drakesbane – New version of Wheeling Thrust.
  • Level 68: Mirage Dive – Combo action for Jump.
  • Level 70: Nastrond – Replaces Geirskogul while using Life of the Dragon.
  • Lv. 92: Rise of the Dragon – Combo action for Dragonfire Dive.
  • Level 96: Lance Barrage and Spiral Brlow – New Vorpal Thrust and Disembowel, respectively.
  • Level 100: Starcross – New combo action for Stardiver.


  • Level 45: Huton – Attack speed is now a trait so this move is an AOE version of Suiton.
  • Level 66: Dokumori – New Mug.
  • Lv. 92: Kunai’s Bane – AOE Trick Attack.
  • Level 96: Deathfrog Medium and Zesho Meppo – After you use Dokumori, these are new versions of Hellfrog Medium and Bhavacakra, respectively.
  • Level 100: Tenri Jindo – Combo action for Ten Chi Jin.


  • Level 92: Heartbreak Shot – New version of Bloodletter.
  • Level 96: Resonant Arrow – New combo action for Barrage.
  • Lv. 100: Radiant Encore – Combo action for Radiant Finale.


  • Level 68: Blazing Shot – New version of Heat Blast.
  • Level 92: Double Check – New AOE version of Gauss Round.
  • Lv. 92: Checkmate – New version of Ricochet.
  • Level 94: Enhanced Multiweapon – Gives two charges of Drill or Bioblaster.
  • Level 96: Excavator – Combo action for Chain Saw that increases your Battery Gauge for 20.
  • Lv. 100: Full Metal Field – Combo action for Barrel Stabilizer.


  • Level 82: Tengetsu – New version of Third Eye.
  • Level 92: Gyofu – New Hakaze version.
  • Lv. 94: Enhanced Hissatsu – Changes the cooldown for Hissatsu: Guren and Hissatsu: Senei to 60 seconds.
  • Level 96: Zanshin – Combo action for Ikishoten.
  • Level 100: Tendo Goken and Tendo Setsugekka – After the player uses Meikyo Shisui, these new versions of Tenka Goken and Midare Setsugekka, respectively, become available.
  • Lv. 100: Tendo Kaeshi Goken and Tendo Kaeshi Setsugekka – Tsubame-gaeshi combo actions for Tendo Goken and Tendo Setsugekka, respectively.


  • Level 92: Last Dance – New GCD that is only available after the player uses either Standard Finish or Finishing Move (unlocked later).
  • Level 96: Finishing Move – New version of Standard Step that is only available after the player uses Flourish.
  • Lv. 100: Dance of the Dawn – Once the player uses Technical Finish, they get access to this new version of Saber Dance.


  • Level 92: Sacrificium – While Enshrouded, this move replaces Gluttony.
  • Level 96: Executioner’s Gibbet, Executioner’s Gallows, and Executioner’s Guillotine – New versions of each respective action that is available after the player uses Gluttony.
  • Level 100: Perfectio – Once the player uses Plentiful Harvest, this is a combo action for Communio.

Black Mage

  • Level 90: Paradox – When using Manafont or switching from ice to fire, this becomes available and gives Firestarter.
  • Level 92: High Thunder and High Thunder II – New versions of Thunder III and Thunder IV, respectively, that are only available while having Thunderhead.
  • Lv. 96: Retrace – This moves your Leylines to where you currently are.
  • Level 98: Enhanced Polyglot II – Gives you three stacks now.
  • Level 100: Flare Star – New GCD that requires you to have six stacks of Astral Soul to use.


  • Level 92: Necrotize – New version of Fester.
  • Level 96: Searing Flash – New combo action for Searing Light.
  • Lv. 100: Summon Solar Bahamut – New summon.
  • Level 100: Umbral Impulse, Umbral Flare, and Sunflare – New versions of Ruin III, Tri-disaster, and Astral Flow, respectively, that are available while Solar Bahamut is out.
  • Level 100: Enkindle Solar Bahamut – Commands Solar Bahamut to use its ultimate move, Exodus.
  • Lv. 100: Lux Solaris – New spell available after you summoned Solar Bahamut that heals the party members in a 15-yalms distance for a 500 potency heal.

Red Mage

  • Level 92: Vice of Thorns – Combo action for Embolden.
  • Level 96: Grand Impact – After the player uses Acceleration, this is a new version of Jolt and Impact.
  • Lv. 100: Cineration – New combo action for Manafication that you get after all stacks are gone.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is releasing for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on July 2, 2024. Early access begins on June 28, 2024.

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