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All Wuthering Waves Union Level Rewards (& How To Claim Them

In Wuthering Waves, you can unlock free items and weapons by leveling up through the game’s Union Level system. This guide will break down all Wuthering Waves Union Level Rewards and explain how to claim them.

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Union Level is a leveling system in Wuthering Waves that increases based on how much you play the game. Whenever you increase your Union Level, you gain rewards for it. If you’re familiar with Genshin Impact, it’s basically Adventure Rank.

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How to Increase Your Union Level in Wuthering Waves

There are four main ways you can increase your Union Level in Wuthering Waves:

  • Complete quests.
  • Complete Daily Activity quests.
  • Open chests.
  • Consume Waveplates.
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Union Level Rewards In Wuthering Waves

As of the game’s launch, there are only five major tiers of Union Level rewards. Of course, more rewards will likely get added when the game is expanded in future updates. However, below is a list of all Union Level Rewards you can get right now:

  • Union Level 5:
    • Lustrous Tide x 5
    • Astride x 200
  • Union Level 15:
    • Lustrous Tide x 5
    • Astride x 400
  • Union Level 25:
    • Lustrous Tide x 15
    • Crystal Solvent x 2
  • Union Level 35:
    • Lustrous Tide x 15
    • Crystal Solvent x 4
  • Union Level 45:
    • Five-Star Weapon Supply Chest
    • Astride x 1000
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Where Can You Claim Union Level Rewards in Wuthering Waves?

You must first reach Union Level Five in order to claim rewards for the first time in Wuthering Waves. To claim your rewards, pause your game and go to your menu. Then click on Events (Events unlock after you, Yangyang, and Chixia decide to leave the city). The rewards are available under the Awakening Journey tab.

Wuthering Waves is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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