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The Alliance Alive Details Battle System Features, Weapons, And Vehicles



FuRyu is working on a new game in the style of Legend of Legacy, called The Alliance Alive, and they’ve updated the official website with plenty of new info on its battles, weapons, and vehicles.


First, let’s take a look at a video that demonstrates the game’s turn-based combat that consists of 5-man parties and various formations, similar to what we had in Legend of Legacy.



When using a skill you’ve selected during battle, there’s a chance that the character can “awaken” and this increases the skill’s power via level up or allows the character to learn a completely new skill.



By leveling up a skill you can make them increase in power. Again, you can also level up defensive and magic skills in the same way.



You can also learn new skills when an awakening occurs. Fighting against tougher foes increases the chances of this happening.


Here’s a look at some battle skills that can be learned through awakening:



Sword Skill: Deflect – An evasive move that blasts away the enemy with a powerful sword skill while negating enemy attacks.




Great Sword Skill: Tornado Slash – An attack that covers a circular range and starts with a jumping slash.



Axe Skill: Violent Knock – Take the axe to land a three-hit combo on an enemy as part of a movement attack.



Spear Skill: Screw Charge – A linear motion attack that thrusts the spear in drill-like fashion into the enemy.



Staff Skill: Batter – An eight-hit combo in super high-speed. This allows you to give an enemy a good beating.



Bow Skill: Fox Hunt – A special kind of attack that has a special effect against beast-type enemies.



Shield Skill: Death Trap – A timely skill that allows you to parry an enemy’s attack.



Martial Arts: GachiGachi Punch – A powerful blow that comes from building up all your power into one target.


Now that we learned about the awakening feature as well as some of the many skills you can learn from it, let’s take a look at the main weapon types.



2017-03-10_060830These come in various types of dagger-type, long sword-type, curved sword-type with their own characteristics. They’re easy to use and are considered the almighty type.


Great Sword

2017-03-10_061319 The Great Sword is all about its destructive power, as well as defense, and it shows its power against enemy groups. Since its accuracy isn’t the best, you’ll be facing a lot of life-or-death situations after using a lot of skills.



2017-03-10_061620 Another weapon that focuses on its destructive power. Since it has lower accuracy, this weapon isn’t recommended for beginners.




Unlike the Axe, the Spear is pretty easy to handle with long reach that allows for preemptive strikes. This weapon is also great at fighting against enemy groups. On the other hand, you’ll want to be careful against enemies using Spears.




The Staff doesn’t have much attack power going on, but it has various abilities that come in handy against enemies, especially as a support-type weapon. Again, magic-users will often find themselves needing to use Staves.



2017-03-10_062056 The Bow has high attack power and can easily hit preemptive strikes. It’s a pretty flashy weapon and its ability to attack all enemies can be attractive; however, the Bow doesn’t have any defensive uses.



2017-03-10_062213 Best at defense and can be used as a tank role against enemies. While shields are mostly known for blocking, they can be used to attack enemies as well. When defense isn’t needed, you’ll get to use the shield as a weapon to hit enemies.


Martial Arts

2017-03-10_062426Its attack power isn’t that high but Martial Artists can attack enemies from within to take away their battle abilities, and they’re also able to use various skills to evade enemy attacks.


The above is a new trailer that shows off The Alliance Alive’s events, world map, as well as some vehicles.


2017-03-10_060024 2017-03-10_060035

2017-03-10_060046 2017-03-10_060059


As you advance through the story, you’ll get to use vehicles. These allow you to travel further and reach areas you normally can’t on your own, and they also have their own characteristics, for example some vehicles fly while some are able to travel on lava. By unlocking new vehicles, you’ll get to reach new areas.


The Alliance Alive releases in Japan on June 22, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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