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The Alliance Alive Shows Off ‘Awakenings’ And ‘Ignition’ In A New Combat Trailer


the alliance alive

Atlus recently shared a new combat trailer showing off several of the gameplay systems that players will utilize in upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG, The Alliance Alive.


the alliance alive 2


Characters in The Alliance Alive start off with a basic attack, but in the middle of battle new Battle Arts can ‘Awaken’, which adds the move to the character’s arsenal of attacks. Further Awakens can unlock even stronger versions of moves, as well as level up the current Art used.


The ‘Ignition’ system is a bar that fills up when characters attack, get hurt, or when they see allies downed. When the bar is full, characters enter an ‘Ignition’ state that lets them use ‘Final Strikes’, weapon-specific ultimate attacks that can turn the tide of battle. However, a Final Strike will destroy the weapon, rendering it unusable until repaired. Players need to judge the right moment to use these powerful moves.


The combat trailer can be found below:


The Alliance Alive will release for Nintendo 3DS in the West on March 27, 2018.

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