Alm, Faye, Clair, And Lukas Are Now Available In Fire Emblem Heroes



Fire Emblem Heroes got introduced its new Heroes today with Alm, Faye, Clair, and Lukas from Fire Emblem Echoes as part of the new “Worldof Shadows” summoning event.


The update adds a Sword unit Alm the “Hero of Prophecy,” Bow unit Faye the “Devoted Heart,” Lance unit Clair the “Highborn Flier,” and another Lance unit in Lukas the “Sharp Soldier.”


In addition to the new Summoning Focus with the four Heroes, the game added new Paralogues and Special Quests to go with it. The World of Shadows summoning event will run through April 26, 2017.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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