Almost All Of The Original Mega Man Recreated In Super Mario Maker

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Mega Man is an icon, and the original Mega Man is responsible for kicking off a franchise that has endured for over 28 years. Capcom is recognizing the achievement with the Mega Man Legacy Collection this year, but a Super Mario Maker user named KHace decided to honor the game in his own way.


Using the Nintendo Wii U game, KHace remade Mega Man’s Bombman, Cutman, Elecman, Fireman, Iceman, Gutsman, and two Wily battles in Super Mario Maker. They aren’t exact one-to-one recreations, due to item and enemy limitations within Super Mario Maker, but each level comes very close to providing an accurate take on the original game. Only the Wily 2 and 3 stages, which make up the four stage Wily Fortress area in Mega Man, were omitted.


In the original Mega Man game, it’s usually best to face the bosses by going from Bombman to Gutsman, then Cutman, Elecman, and Iceman, and finally ending the run with Fireman. However, with the Super Mario Maker adaptation, you can tackle these stages in any order you want, so long as you use the following level IDs to find them.

  • Bombman: EE00-0000-0092-75CB
  • Gutsman: 8232-0000-0092-A8DD
  • Cutman: 065E-0000-0096-4808
  • Elecman: DF33-0000-0093-0EB2
  • Iceman: B2E8-0000-0096-AC79
  • Fireman: C143-0000-0094-B1DC
  • Wily Fortress part 1: 2832-0000-0094-9546
  • Wily Fortress part 2: 03A3-0000-0094-9C14


Super Mario Maker is immediately available for the Nintendo Wii U.

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