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Alolan Form Pokémon Figures Are Headed To Japan This April



A set of new Pokémon Sun & Moon merchandise has been recently revealed and will be coming out in Japan this April. [Thanks, PokeShopper.]


This new set of figures from Takara Tomy Arts features the Alolan forms of a handful of familiar Pokémon from the games. This is also notably the first bit of merchandise for both Alolan Dugtrio and Alolan Exeggutor. The figures will release in Japan sometime in April at a price of 300 yen each.


Here’s a list of all the figures and their sizes:


  • 37mm Alolan Raichu


  • 33mm Alolan Vulpix


  • 47mm Alolan Ninetales


  • 34mm Alolan Dugtrio


  • 40mm Alolan Marowak


  • 100mm Alolan Exeggutor