Alvora Tactics Explores Ruins Contained Within A Colossal Serpent

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The Great Serpent that once tormented Limroft is dead, crashed against a remote cliffside. Within the creature lies ruins, treasure, and even further danger, but that’s enough excitement to draw out a customizable party of adventurers in Alvora Tactics, a tactical RPG.



It’s up to the player to decide where they wish to explore and what they wish to do, exploring a mixture of procedurally-generated and hand-crafted areas and dungeons. They’ll take their own custom party within those gloomy confines as well, drawing from ten races, twenty-three classes, and many passive and active abilities that can be further tweaked and upgraded. Alvora Tactics offers a lot of depth for players to make whichever party they like, so it may take some time to wade through all of the possible options to create the optimum fighting group.


Players will find themselves combing through the snake’s remains from a top-down viewpoint, battling the creatures they find there on a grid in turn-based combat. While their chosen character abilities will be a help in a fight, those same abilities will also have applications in puzzle-solving and exploration, with players able to use their powers on the field to help them find items or activate certain mechanisms.




Players can also use their powers on the environments in combat, using fires to set trees alight, electricity to shock creatures in the water, or find other handy applications of their powers.


Alvora Tactics is available now through the developer’s site, and is seeking Greenlight votes for an eventual release on Steam.

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