Always Remember To Choose Your Targets In Tetris 99

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Tetris 99 dropped on the Nintendo Switch after the February 13, 2019 Nintendo Direct and is a battle royale take on the game. However, some people might jump in without realizing it is possible to earn badges in rounds to send additional garbage blocks to opponents and that you can target who you send your garbage to as you play. This means that knowing exactly how to target other players is very important.

There are two kinds of targeting in Tetris 99. The first is one that allows you to target one specific player. This is done with the left analog stick in Pattern A and right in Pattern B. This is much more specific and time consuming, so it is not the ideal option. You can also use the right analog stick (in Pattern A, it switches to the left stick in Pattern B) for more general directions. This will allow you to target one of four sorts of groups of people.

The option to attack groups will likely be of the most help to Tetris 99 players. Pressing up, down, left, or right will cause you to attack different sorts of individuals. The game starts with you attacking the Randoms group, which means you will go after random other players. This is an offensive move and is a decent way to start when you want to focus on surviving and learning, rather than going for the kill.

Attackers is chosen by pressing down and it is basically a defensive option. This will send your garbage to other people who are targeting you. This could help cut down on damage you take and cause them trouble, so they’ll be less likely to send more.

Pressing right will go after the people with the most Badges. This can be seen as another defensive option, since people who have earned more badges from knocking other players out will receive boosts that allow them to send more garbage when they clear their lines. If you manage to knock one of these people you are targeting out, you also get their badges added to your own.

K.O.s is the targeting option you get when you press up. This is another offensive move, as the game will send your garbage to people who are close to dying. It also means you could end up earning more of the bits necessary to start accruing badges for yourself.

Tetris 99 is available for free for Nintendo Switch owners who have subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online.

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