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Amatsutsumi Is Headed To PlayStation Vita In Japan On May 17



Publisher Prototype announced in this week’s Japanese video game magazines that the 2016 PC visual novel game Amtatsutsumi developed by Purple Software will get a release on PlayStation Vita this May in Japan. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The upcoming PS Vita port will come with a large number of brand-new event CGs and priced at 6,400 yen plus tax. Below is a description about the game from VNDb:


Makoto uses the power of “kotodama”, which means he can manipulate people with his voice.
Yearning for the outside world, he escaped the hidden village his family lived. Makoto knew nothing about the world, as he had never left the village since he was born. Thus, because he was not able to live by himself, he ended up collapsing on the street.
However, for his luck, in a nearby street lived Oribe Kokoro, a girl that could help him…


Amatsutsumi will release in Japan on May 17, 2018 for PlayStation Vita.

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