Just like the rumored PlayStation Network list claimed there is a new Siren game in development for the PS3, but it isn’t exactly new. Siren: New Translation is semi-remake of Siren, with an international cast. An American TV crew wishes to film the horrors in Hanuda when they are attacked by the Shibito.


From the screenshots in Famitsu the human characters seem better prepared for the threat. They bear guns and unflinchingly fight back against the Shibito. It’s hard to tell from the trailer, but the twelve episodes of Siren: New Translation looks like it has more action than the stealth based original. We should get a much better look at Siren: New Translation on April 25 when a demo appears on the Japanese Store. The final version of Siren: New Translation comes out in Japan on July 24.




Images courtesy of Sony.

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