Amnesia Collection of Pokemon Merchandise is Unforgettable


A new collection of Pokemon merchandise, themed after the move Amnesia, will be available in the Japanese Pokemon Center. You will be able to purchase them starting on January 21, 2023. In Japanese, the title of the collection is Dowasure, which is simply the Japanese name for the move. There is also an accompanying “Dowasure”” song that you can watch on the Pokemon Kids TV Japan YouTube channel.

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Here is the “Dowasure” music video, which stars Psyduck, Marshtomp, Drifloon, Quagsire, Numel, and Slowpoke.

While you are not able to purchase items and ship them internationally through the Pokemon Center store, they are also available on Amazon. With Amazon, it may be possible to ship them abroad.

The items in the Amnesia Pokemon line of goods are:

  • A4 clear files (2) – 660 JPY
  • Acrylic memo stand collection – 880 JPY
  • Assorted stickers – 660 JPY
  • Clear pouch – 1760 JPY
  • Coin & key case – 2420 JPY
  • Collectible magnet – 660 JPY
  • Desk stand memo – 1,320 JPY
  • Earrings/clip-on earrings (Slowpoke, Quagsire, Drifloon) – 1,100 JPY
  • Hand towel  – 660 JPY
  • Invisible masking tape – 605 JPY
  • Metallic charm (Psyduck, Slowpoke, Quagsire, Marshtomp) – 550 JPY
  • Mini stationery set – 440 JPY
  • Mug – 1760 JPY
  • Neckstrap – 990 JPY
  • Puppet doll (Psyduck, Slowpoke, Quagsire, Marshtomp) – 2,640 JPY
  • Ink: 2,310 JPY
  • To-do list: 539 JPY

Amnesia is a Psychic move that will sharply raise the user’s Special Defense stat. You can teach it via a TM, and a wide number of Pokemon learn it naturally. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a Pokemon that does not naturally learn it can do so with TM128. You will unlock TM128 in the TM Machine after you defeat the Team Star Fire Crew.

The Pokemon Amnesia goods collection will be available through the Japanese Pokemon Center site and Amazon JP from January 21, 2023. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are on the Nintendo Switch.

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