An Amnesiac Knight Fights Through A Castle In His Dreams In Stage 3



An amnesiac knight finds himself traveling to a castle filled with monsters and dangerous warriors in his dreams, testing his resolve and his sanity in 3D action game Stage 3.




Castle Azariah comes to the knight whenever he sleeps, and due to it being a dream, contains elements and people from the knight’s past and life. Old foes and companions will meet the knight in combat, with the veteran fighters coming at players with clever tactics that take advantage of numbers and enemy types. Mages, knights, and brawlers will work together to take the player down.


These fights will only get more dangerous as the game progresses, as seeing these places in also a drain on the player’ sanity. If it reaches low levels, the world and the enemies within it will distort, turning into a nightmare realm where the environments get hazy and the enemies gain new attacks and more aggressive behavior.




Players can choose how hard to push themselves as they wander these dreamy halls. The procedurally-generated place will keep offering new rooms and enemy groups to fight should the player choose to keep pressing forward, although they can choose to leave after beating a boss. They can stay, but old rooms steadily disappear behind the player, so they can’t always go back.


Should they go too far and die, the player will lose all of the items they’ve gained on that run, with the added possibility of losing a piece of equipment as well. The chances of losing this equipment goes up with each failure in a given area, so players will want to take extreme care after a few losses.




Stage 3 has no set release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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