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An abbreviated account of Hiiro no Kakera DS: Part 2


    Takuma, Mahiro and YuuichiWhen we last left off in Hiiro no Kakera DS, Tamaki had learned her destiny, met four of the six bachelors who will protect her and made friends with a strange, white, two-tailed fox with blue markings. Now Tamaki is ready to start taking the long road to sealing off the demon blade.


    Tamaki goes to school the next day with Takuma and her pet fox (I named him Foxie and have since forgotten what his original name was). Once in the classroom, Tamaki and Takuma meet a strange, suspicious and buxom new teacher named Fiona. She introduces herself asks quite a few questions about Tamaki. Also Tamaki's friend shows off a voodoo doll in the classroom.


    After classes, the very first story branch option appears, where Tamaki can go and visit Takuma, Yuuichi, Mahiro or Tsuguru to make them like her more. At this point I'd like to point out that Hiiro no Kakera DS has a handy option which shows what choice you've already made, should you save, make a decision you don't like and quick load to return to the branching point. Also you usually don't have to answer any questions when you see a guy – just choosing the branch that leads to him is enough to make him like you more.


    So since the white haired Yuuichi is the best looking in my opinion, I sent Tamaki off to talk with him. She shows Yuuichi Foxie and tells him how she decided to name him, and he (the boy, not the fox) is pleased.


    Foxie HNK Then Tamaki starts to walk home. On the way she's given another branching option . She walks through the forest like normal, until Foxie starts freaking out. Tamaki begins to ask what's wrong, and a giant minotaur armed with a sword appears. Foxie then starts glowing blue, and attacks the minotaur. Sadly, he is knocked away. After all, what good can a little, supernatural fox do against a minotaur? Good effort Foxie.


    Tamaki prepares herself, and then Yuuichi steps in to save the day in a nice CG image involving energy bolts. He gallantly defends Tamaki against the minotaur assault. Tsuguru, Takuma and Mahiro all decide to show up (fashionably late), and the four guys save the day.


    Of course Tamaki seems more worried about poor little Foxie, rather than the guys. But who can blame her? The adorable, little guy practically sacrificed himself to save her! (Don't worry – he survived.)


    Things settle down a bit after the attack, and Tamaki is escorted home. Once she gets there, her grandmother, the assistant Mitsuru and Tamaki have a discussion. I'm not exactly sure what some of the details were (my kanji isn't perfect), but the conversation is concerning the sealing of the blade, and I'm pretty sure Mitsuru is asked to contact the next warrior if possible.

    Meeting Shinji

    At least, that's the conversation course that makes the most sense, because the fifth warrior shows up the next day at school. Tamaki and Takuma are in class as usual, and have another strange conversation with Fiona-sensei. When Tamaki leaves the classroom and is alone in the hall, Shinji knocks her down. He is very apologetic and helps her up, and instantly recognizes her. Takuma shows up then as well, and everyone is alerted to the fact that Shinji is one of them.


    Introductions are conducted, and Shinji is given a warm welcome. The group heads back to Tamaki's home, where Shinji and Mitsuru chit-chat. (The interaction between the two of them is what leads me to believe Mitsuru had a hand in summoning Shinji.)


    The assembling of the warriors with the princess's descendant has not gone unnoticed. The top screen goes black and a mysterious dark conversation among three~four characters (all identified by "???") hints that there is a small faction with an opposing agenda.


    Next time: The attack by the villainous, badly-dressed bondage brigade (Logos) and (hopefully) Ryu's arrival.

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