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An abbreviated account of Hiiro no Kakera DS: Part 3


Aria from Hiiro no Kakera DS

When we last left poor princess descendant Tamaki in Hiiro no Kakera DS, she had run into (literally) Shinji, the fifth of the six guardians who will assist her in sealing the demon sword. She also discovered that her unusually adorable fox Foxie was more than just a supernaturally cute pet – that he had special abilities of his own and wouldn't hesitate to use them to defend her.


The day after the meeting Shinji starts like any other. Tamaki checks her fortune before leaving for school with Takuma and then heads to class. She talks to her overly perky friend with glasses (you know, the only one not in on the whole secret monsters/sword affair) and goes through classes as normal.


After classes are over, the option comes up to explore the school again and meet with one of the other warriors. Of course I sent Tamaki to the library to meet with Yuuichi. A bit of small talk ensues, then an eeries feeling (denoted by the creepy music) comes over the characters. Tamaki and Yuuichi go to investigate a wooded area and encounter Drei. Drei is an old man in formal attire with incredibly strange glasses (they look like goggles) and a cane. He taunts the two and hints at the existance of Logos, a group which wants the power of the sword.


Tamaki and Yuuichi leave, and return to the area with Takuma, Tsuguru, Mahiro and Shinji. Unfortunately for them, Drei decided that he would return with reinforcements as well. The entire gothic/bondage brigade of Logos has appeared to assist him: Aria, the little gothic lolita girl who is Logos' princess and leader; Eins, Aria's righthand man with an incredibly long braided ponytail and fearsome power; Zwei, a black bondage man with an eye-patch who looks suspiciously like the yet-unmet bachelor Ryu and Vier, who looks exactly like the conspicuous blond teacher – except with green hair and a more revealing outfit.


Takuma and Mahiro decide to lead the attack against the Logos troop. This is clearly not a good idea. Eins, Zwei and Drei effortlessly defend against all five guys' attacks and manage to send all five of them flying.


Their intimidation mission complete, Logos disappears and leaves the warriors and Tamaki to lick their wounds and tend to bruised egos


Next time: We'll skip ahead a bit (pass over some dull dialogue and boring daily activities) to get to the part where Ryu (finally) shows up.


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