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An abbreviated account of Hiiro no Kakera DS: Part 4


a Hiiro no Kakera DS menuSo we've skipped ahead in Hiiro no Kakera DS, since for a while the game just has some tension building conversations and interactions. In our last entry, the members of Logos easily triumphed over the five demon fighting guardians Takuma, Mahiro, Yuuichi, Tsuguru and Shinji, and then took off. Since then, the five guys and Tamaki have had a number of discussions about dealing with Logos and the monster appearances.


Today's entry begins with a secretive conversation at Logos' headquarters. Aria first talks with Drei, in which he is encouraging her to do more to increase their power and achieve their goals. Aria listens to his counsel, then dismisses him and calls for Vier. Vier comes and the two discuss Tamaki and the existence of the warriors, and Aria charges Vier with investigating and handling the situation.


The story then shifts back to Tamaki, who is just waking up for another day of school. After checking her fortune for the day (note: this can sometimes cause a glitch where both screens go blank and the DS must be restarted – it happened to me the first time at this point), Tamaki heads to school to meet up with the guys in their patio spot. Only a few minutes pass before, coincidentally, Fiona-sensei shows up. Mahiro (who seems a bit smitten with her) enthusiastically greets her and talks to her, and everyone exchanges pleasantries while she inquires as to their activities. She then leaves, and the group talks about her behind her back. Mahiro thinks she's all sunshine and rainbows, but Takuma, Yuuichi and Tamaki are a bit more leery.


Tamaki heads to the empty classroom, where she experiences some strange sensations set to the creepy muzak. It almost seems like vertigo. At one point the image of Aria even flashes through her mind. It must be a monster attack!


The option to escape is then offered. I chose to send Tamaki fleeing for the school's entrance, and then into the wide, open spaces of the outdoors. Any horror movie fan knows, if the monster's in the house – you get out of the house. She finds both Yuuichi and Shinji at the entrance. Tamaki tells the two of them that something is seriously wrong at the school. They agree to handle things, and the player is offered two more options as to what to do. The player can have Tamaki stand her ground with Shinji and Yuuichi at the gate, or keep running.


As much as I like Yuuichi, I know what lies ahead and chose the second option to send Tamaki running into town. Immediately another option is provided, go to Tsuguru's house through the path in town or through the fields. I boldly chose to proceed forward through town…


Ryu and Tamaki … And ran directly into Ryu! Tamaki tries to get past him, but he keeps blocking her. She asks who he is and why he's doing that, and he doesn't give a straight answer. She then notices the school uniform, and asks if they attend the same school. He confirms this, and as she asks him to let her past, he contemplates allowing her to go through. He then moves forward and grabs her wrist, to whisper in her ear and asks her name. He then lets her go, and starts to leave. Tamaki asks him to stop and tell her his name, and he says he's Kutani Ryu and leaves.


What is Logos up to? Will Tamaki and her guardians seal the sword? Can the monsters be stopped and the sword sealed? You'll have to play Hiiro no Kakera and find out.


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