An Adorable Game About Getting Punched For Wearing Different Hats


Kitsune Games has announced that its adorable puzzle game Ultra Hat Dimension will be out for Windows on December 2nd. It’ll cost $5 but there will be a demo available for free.


Neatly summed up by Kitsune, Ultra Hat Dimension is “a turn-based puzzle game about wearing adorable magical hats and getting punched for wearing them!” As you’ll see in the trailer this is, indeed, an accurate description.


You venture through the many levels of the majestic Spluff Palace to find and defeat your arch-nemesis. And to do so you’ll need to switch hats in the right places to convince the ghost-things (Spluffs, apparently) to punch each other and proceed.


Ultra Hat Dimension was originally made for Ludum Dare 32 under the theme “An Unconventional Weapon,” hence the hats. This commercial version is the result of polishing and expanding the idea months after the original game jam.

Chris Priestman