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This week, Square Enix updated their Imaginary Range website with information and videos of the “game x comic,” which is still on track for a May 5th release.


If you missed the news, Imaginary Range is an iOS and Android project, in development at h.a.n.d. (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) and supervised by some of Square Enix’s main staff, that mixes game elements with a digital comic. As you read through the story, you’ll have to play games and find items hidden in panels to progress through certain scenes. Here’s an example of one such game, titled OmegaBlast:



In OmegaBlast, the objective is to nail as many enemies as you can with each shot. Shooting a whole bunch triggers an explosion. The more you blow up at once, the higher your score goes.


Imaginary Range has two protagonists: Cid (age 27) and Ciela (age 19). Cid is described as a “technician,” but Square say you’ll have to play the game to see just what kind of technician he is. Ciela, who’s his partner, is the heroine of Imaginary Range and despite the fact that she’s lively, she has plenty of worries.


Cid is often the subject of Ciela’s anger, owing to his glib nature and lack of attachment to anything, Square say.



Another character is Rapunzel, simply described as “a woman with some connection to Cid”. She looks a little like Samus, doesn’t she? A fourth image shows “Cid’s antagonists,” a creepy-looking bunch, including what looks like a pair of twin kids.


Back when the website for Imaginary Range first launched, the game’s tagline was: “Hearts that rend the world apart”. Square Enix say you’ll discover the meaning of this line by playing the app. If you’re curious, here’s a video of the comic aspect of the game.

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