Anarky is one of the villains that’s going to be in Batman: Arkham Origins, but it doesn’t look like he’s out to get Batman like the other villains. Instead, Anarky will be slipping into his typical anti-corporation role.


“Ultimately, [Anarky] is an anti-corporate, anti-government… technically an anti-villain as well,” says Eric Holmes, creative director, speaking with the PlayStation Blog. “He’s a guy who kind of does bad things but believes he’s doing the right thing.”


“He doesn’t like big corporations trying to control our lives or the government trying to tell us what to do. And he believes those institutions should get kicked out, and wants to take them down.”


As for what Anarky has up his sleeve in Batman: Arkham Origins, Holmes shares, “He’s planted a bunch of bombs in these institutions in Gotham, and Batman’s gotta go there and he defuses those bombs. And further on, in the Most Wanted campaign for him, Batman can hunt him down to where he’s headquartered and take him on.”


Holmes also recommends not reading up on Anarky if you don’t already know too much about the character, since he feels it would ruin some of the surprise that the game has in store for players who aren’t familiar with the character.



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