Angel Beats! 1st Beat Visual Novel Shows Off Its First CGs

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I’ve always wondered why women wearing skirts in anime always somehow end up going ahead of the dudes when they’re climbing up ladders or crawling along ventilation shafts. And in Angel Beats! 1st Beat, you’ll have to ponder the same problem, too, judging by some of these CGs.


The game is a classic visual novel, slipping players into the role of amnesiac Otonashi Yuzuru. In the game series, Otonashi ends up in a after-life limbo school, where people go to “let go” of their past. Instead of doing so however, some are raging against God—one of them being Nakamura Yuri, who leads the Afterlife Battlefront.


During one fight, they accidentally trigger a pitfall trap where Otonashi is clinging on to Yuri’s legs. He’ll have to climb up and out over her, but can’t quite look up. Hmm..


Some other CG for the upcoming game includes Yui, who’s part of the diversion group Girls Dead Monster band as she practices on a guitar. Angel Beats! 1st Beat will have multiple endings and there are six “beats” planned for the series.


001 002

003 004

Angel Beats! 1st Beat is planned for a 2014 release on PC.

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