Angel Beats! Is Getting A New Game By Key For PC

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While the Angel Beats! series’ anime, light novel, and manga has been around for a few years, it’s getting its first video game as part of a collaboration between Aniplex and visual novel makers Key. Dengeki shares a first look at the upcoming PC title.


The game, titled Angel Beats! 1st Beat will take place at the high school for those who have died, where the students have to give up lingering attachments and sometimes feelings they had from life before passing on.


Angel Beats! 1st Beat will tell the tale of the 19 members, with their pasts and what they wanted to do in their lifetime, which will take place in six parts, and filled with various choices you’ll get to make as part of the adventure.



Some of these choices will have an effect on the story, like changing Masami Iwasawa’s fate. You may remember what happened to TK when he was under the trap, which is another outcome you could possibly change.


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There are plenty of other story parts you could change depending on various choices you make, so it’s kind of a big “what if” story that goes by your choices. You can also choose to be a perfect student and take your classes seriously in the game.


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Even Matsushita will have a proper role in some sort of drama that Key prepared for the game, and they say that it’s going to be a sad one, so make sure you prepare a box of tissues by your side before getting into the story.


The above is a look at the first trailer for the game.


Angel Beast! 1st Beat will release in Japan on May 29, 2015 for PC.

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