Angelique Luminalize Has You Woo Nine New Guardians in 2021

Today, Koei Tecmo revealed Angelique Luminalize, the latest title in the long-running Angelique series under the Neoromance brand. While the series hasn’t received a new title in quite a while, the series is being resurrected under Koei Tecmo’s Ruby Party otome game brand. The game was originally announced back in 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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Check out the trailer for the game below:

In this game, we follow a 25-year old single office lady Ange, who is whisked away to another world by a young man on a pegasus after accepting a strange job change offer at a visit to a bar. There, she is crowned a queen candidate. and learns that it is the duty of the queen and the nine guardians to protect the universe.

Here’s a look at the nine guardians below. The character designer for this game is Ichi Sayo, creator of Juuza Engi and Ensemble Stars manga version artist:

Yue (CV: Shinba Tsuchiya)

Angelique Luminalize

25 years old. A self-confident young man who is rather honest and straightforward, and acts as the mood maker of the group. He works hard to fulfill his duty as the lead guardian, but..


Noah (CV: Hiroki Nanami)

Angelique Luminalize

A 22-year old guardian who is afraid of approaching others because of a certain reason. He has the innocence and childlike nature of someone younger than his age.


Vergil (CV: Yuu Miyazaki)

Angelique Luminalize

27 years old. A man of polite and cool words, and a guardian who acts like a prince. He is also surprisingly doesn’t care much about the finer details of things, and has quite a complicated personality.


Kanata (CV: Takeo Ootsuka)

Angelique Luminalize

An 18-year old and a third-year high schooler who lived in the same area as you, and only just became a guardian. He hasn’t really been able to accept the reality of his new position yet.


Shuri (CV: Takuya Satou)

Angelique Luminalize

A 27-year old man who is quiet and doesn’t like getting along with others. While he became a guardian for a certain reason, it’s still a secret that he hasn’t shared with anyone.


Milan (CV: Shouhei Komatsu)

26 years old. Loves to be his natural self, and is cheery and never reads the mood. He’s been called a ‘god’ since his childhood due to being a prodigy at dancing.


Xeno (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

A 19 year old who is kind and who is willing to do anything for others. He’s very deft and can create anything. He’s also very caring towards Kanata, who just became a guardian.


Felix (CV: Yuuto Uemura)

25 years old. Felix is a guardian who strives to ‘live beautifully’, and is willing to be harsh on both himself and others to achieve this ideal. He’s also someone with common sense despite his looks, and holds a strong sense of responsibility.


Lorenzo (CV: Ryouta Takeuchi)

A 30-year-old guardian who used to be a businessperson who invented many things that revolutionized the world. He’s got a strong drive to keep learning, and has the patience and flair of an adult.

Angelique Luminalize will release for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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