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Anila Announced for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

Anila Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

When Cygames announced Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, it said that the full current roster of Versus will be available from launch. It also said that new characters would be added to the Rising roster, but didn’t specify who. Now we know at least one, thanks to an announcement aired on February 25, 2023 during the 2023 Cygames Cup. The Divine General Anila joins Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising when it launches later in 2023.

Cygames also uploaded a brief teaser showing off Anila in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

The teaser shows some brief shots of the Divine Generals’ shrine, which serves as the nexus for New Year events in GBF proper. It then shows Anila in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising rendered in 3D, riding on one of her sheep. She then strikes a pose similar to her uncapped character art. The end of the teaser also reveals that another trailer will be uploaded on March 4, 2023. It didn’t specify if the trailer will be for a new character or for Anila again.

Anila is one of the Twelve Divine Generals in GBF. The Divine Generals are limited characters that are typically only available during GBF‘s yearly New Year celebrations. Each of the Divine Generals is themed after a sacred animal from the Chinese Zodiac. Since she was introduced in 2015, the Year of the Sheep, Anila’s character design is inspired by sheep. She’s voiced by Aoi Yuuki, who also played Hibiki in Symphogear, Futaba in Persona 5, and Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising is in development for PS4, PS5, and PC, and due for release in 2023.

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