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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Offers New Insight Into Tom Nook’s Character



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With Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, people can collect amiibo cards of more important characters. When these are scanned in, they have the opportunity to take them on as a client and create a home for them. Once in the client list, it’s possible to visit them and learn more about them, seeing sides we didn’t get to in games like Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Scanning in Tom Nook, for example, reveals an incident with Redd, secret charitable donations, and a surprising sense of awareness.


When visiting an animal’s home, you can hold conversations with them. Nook has a few that provides insight into his past and personality. He started small, for example, living in a stump that he eventually sold to someone else for twice its value. He doesn’t trust foxes, because of a past “incident” with one, most likely Redd since they have similar businesses. He donates 90% of his money to charity, though it is a little suspicious that it’s to an orphanage “three towns over.” Finally, he’s well aware of how people view him, but that doesn’t bother him.


If you happen to have other NPC amiibo cards to scan in, they may have something to say about Tom Nook too. Sable, in particular, still seems to be carrying a torch for the raccoon. She says he isn’t good about expressing his emotions and is a lovely singer.


If you’d like to see how Animal Crossing’s 1% lives, here’s the QR code to go see the home I prepared for Tom Nook.



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