Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer’s Haunted Houses

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you can do whatever you want with an animal’s home and they’ll be happy. Sure, there are a few, minimal restrictions. Item limits apply in rooms and the characters will insist on between one and three of their favorite items being on display, but for the most part it’s up to the player to do what they like. With Halloween being tomorrow, someone might want to go with some spooky homes. Fortunately, there are three characters who all want creepy casas! Even better, when you take on the task of creating their dream homes, you’ll get scary furniture to go with it.

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For more subtle spookiness (or should I say spoopiness), help Lucy with her dream home. She wants to live in a creepy-looking dollhouse. Taking on her request adds a number of unsettling dolls and masks to the catalog. I’ve made a house for her above, and clearly Rosa had a similar idea in mind when she put something together for the pig. You can see her diabolical dollhouse at 0392-7719-096.




If you’ve been collecting amiibo cards, then ring Clay up on the amiibo phone today or tomorrow. Clay wants a spooky haunted house more than anything. Taking his request means you’ll get items from the Creepy Set like scary wallpaper, carpet, a coffin, tomb stones, skeletons, witch’s brew, and statuary. Basically, everything you would ever need to create a truly scary house. Since I’ve succumb to the amiibo-collecting compulsion, I created a Clay house for you.




But I’m not the only one. Many people have decided to take on Clay’s request, and you can see some of them on the Happy Home Network. Clair’s house, for example, has a fantastic exterior. You can visit it at 0890-7719-034.




However, Megs did something exceptionally cool when setting up a residence for Clay! Instead of a haunted house, it’s a whole neighborhood! Granted, you can’t enter two of the homes, but the one you can is quite a delight. Visit it at 0203-7712-056.



If you want more a traditional haunted house experience, like one you’d visit near you, then Taka has a Clay house to visit. It’s set up as a whole haunted experience. After you rate it, make sure you back out of the assessment screen so you can see the map. The only way to really experience every area involves using the stylus to pick up and drop your designer in different areas. Check it out at 0500-7715-058.




But for the real, 100%, this is Halloween experience, you have to hope Tammy visits your town. Tammy specifically asks for a Halloween-themed place, which means all of the Spooky Series is added to your catalog. Pretty handy, considering you normally only get all of these items by trick-or-treating with Jack in the traditional Animal Crossing titles. Now, unfortunately I’ve never seen Tammy in my game, but people who have put together some really fantastic homes. To start, here’s a place Rukunon put together for Tammy. You can see it at 0499-7715-048. The yard decorations really “sell” it.



Luna’s Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer haunted house is equally elaborate. It’s especially impressive because she pulls in a lot of items from other series to create a uniquely spooky experience. Her home is at 0797-7745-913.


There’s one last Tammy home to treat yourself to. Rapisu has a fun party house at 0505-7714-979. It has a great atmosphere once you get inside. There are some custom patterns around the place and some other animals already there once you arrive. Think of a visit as being fashionably late to a Halloween party.



Unfortunately, two out of the three Halloween-themed Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer assignments are random. It’s up to luck whether Tammy or Lucy will be waiting outside Nook’s Homes for a new place to live. If you’re okay with something that’s more gothic than scary, perhaps a house that would fit right in with Pokemon’s Lavender Town, then use an amiibo card to summon up Muffy. She wants an ornate room and unlocks the Rococo Series of furniture. With a little refurbishing and the right accessories, you have an eerie abode. Here’s a home I threw together, so you could see how one would work out.



Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS and has plenty of places to see in its Happy Home Network. Search for “cool” or “unique” homes if you’re hoping to see something scary. Unfortunately, you can only search for homes of villagers you’ve already met online, so unless you’ve already served Clay, Lucy, or Tammy, you won’t see their horrifying houses.

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