Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Adds Bill, Curt, Drago, Gladys And Margie

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The number of available visitors in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has just increased. People can now find Bill the duck, Curt the bear, Drago the dragon (alligator), Gladys the ostrich and Margie the elephant in the game. They are joined by a new Harmonious line of amenities and items, as well as provide Harmonious Essence. This means Host the Most Timed Goals have returned until , 2018 and Harmonious Essence can be found in Shovelstrike Quarry.


These are the new Harmonious visitors, their requirements and their reward recipes.

  • Bill: To have Bill visit, you need a level 5 friendship and blue vase, cabana table, exotic bench, exotic chest and bamboo rug. He offers a lotus pond recipe at level 10.
  • Curt: To have Curt visit, you need a level 3 friendship and zen cushion, giant dharma, tatami rug, large tea table and retro TV. He offers a samurai suit recipe at level 10.
  • Drago: To have Drago visit, you need a level 5 friendship and exotic lamp, exotic screen, exotic table, exotic rug and exotic bench. He offers a lazy-Susan table recipe at level 15.
  • Gladys: To have Gladys visit, you need a level 7 friendship and paper lantern, glass top table, biwa lute, tearoom rug and tokonoma. She offers a loom recipe at level 15.
  • Margie: To have Margie visit, you need a level 3 friendship and bamboo tree, cabana vanity, flower pop carpet, cabana armchair and cabana table. She offers a tile screen recipe at level 10.


Here are the new Harmonious Amenities:

  • Harmonious Tent: allows Harmonious visitors to reach level 10 friendship. Requires 10 Harmonious Essence and 30 Cotton to first build.
  • Exotic Fountain: allows Harmonious visitors to reach level 15 friendship. Requires a maxed out Harmonious Tent and 20 Harmonious Essence, 30 Steel and 30 Wood.
  • Redd’s Shrine: allows Harmonious visitors to reach level 20 friendship. Requires a maxed out Exotic Fountain and 30 Harmonious Essence, 20 Hip Essence, 50 Steel and 50 Wool.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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