Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming In Late November 2017

The Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct is over, and we now know exactly what the third Nintendo mobile game looks like. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will place players in the role of campsite managers who attempt to lure villagers into visiting by setting up a pleasant campground. It will come to Android and Apple iOS devices in late November 2017.

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In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, players start out with an empty campsite and an avatar with gender, hair, hair color, eye color, and skin color they customize. They will need to collect bells and crafting materials to build furniture and amenities to attract visitors. (Cyrus will be handling the building.) People can visit a beach, forest, island, and river to get items, with Breezy Hollow, Saltwater Shores, and Sunburst Island shown. This is a real-time game, with events for different holidays and eventual special items.


Each of these locations will have certain items to acquire. Breezy Hollow is where you can find fruit, for example, while Saltwater Shores is a beach with fish and items that have washed up. You can collect Sunburst Island is known for its bugs. Different animals may be at this location, ready to trade their materials for items you may have collected. These quests will give you bells, items, and increase your friendship level with that particular animal.


Once you have materials and money, you can head to Cyrus to have things built. Things take time to put together. In the trailer, we saw a Ranch Couch that needed six pieces of cotton and bells and a Swinging Bench that needed six pieces of wood. You can also head to the Market Place to visit pop up shops like Able Sisters To Go, Nookling Global, and Kicks. These have rotating stock and sell items you might not find at Cyrus’ camp. You can also visit OK Motors, run by birds named Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe, to customize your camper’s appearance. (Your camper acts as a home, which can also be decorated.) Paying off camper alterations involves a Loan App.


Microtransactions were also discussed. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will have Leaf Tickets. These can be purchased with real money or earned via completing tasks. These can be used in place of materials when crafting, can be used to access a Throw Net that will let you catch 10 fish at once, use honey on a tree stump to get bugs, access Shovelstrike Quarry with its minerals, and force Cyrus to build amenities and furniture faster.


You can also interact with friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Players have 12-digit IDs, which can be swapped. When you use one, you can visit someone else and buy items from their Market Box, visit their campsite, make friends with them, or give them kudos.



An Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp website is now open. It will be free-to-play on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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