Animal Crossing Soundrop Compact SFX Keychains Release Later This Month in Japan

Animal Crossing Soundrop Compact SFX Keychains

Bandai revealed a set of Animal Crossing “Soundrop Compact” keychains that will play various sound effects from various characters. There are a total of seven keychains, each with their own sound effects and unique features.

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Animal Crossing Soundrop Compact SFX Keychains

The Animal Crossing Soundrop Compact are keychains that play sounds and music from Animal Crossing. These clips will include sounds from ranging from familiar background music to a the fishing minigame sound effect.

Here’s what each of the keychains will sound like:

  • Isabelle: A rotation of change clothing SFX→Joy→Aggravation→Distress→Showmanship→Curiosity→Shocked!→Surprise!→Greetings
  • K.K. Slider: Plays a live version of “Welcome Horizons”
  • Dodo Airlines: Plays the DAL theme
  • C.J.: Timely press the button to catch a fish!
  • Flick: Catches a bug and shows it off
  • Tom Nook: Plays the loan payment sound
  • Timmy and Tommy: Hold down the button for a DIY and let it go to complete!

The Animal Crossing Soundrop Compacts will cost 300 yen each (~$2.87). Unfortunately, they’ll only be available through gashapons at retailers across Japan. Bandai didn’t announce a release date, but it will make its way to stores in November 2020.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. In other Animal Crossing merchandise news, Target stores are offering limited-edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons journals as a free bonus with purchases of the game.

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