Anime-Style Arena Battler CosmicBreak 2 Raises A Sword To Kickstarter

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The Tokyo-based team creating online arena battler sequel CosmicBreak 2 has taken the game to Kickstarter in order to fund its development. They’re searching for $150,000 for the development of the game for PC with US and Japanese servers. It supports gamepads.


You can get closed beta access for $20, the soundtrack at $40, and a physical copy of the game at $60. A Mac version of the game is possible at $170,000 in funding. Meanwhile, a PlayStation 4 version will happen at $370,000 and an Xbox One version at $470,000 in funding.



In the world of CosmicBreak, highly advanced mechanical lifeforms known as “Cosmoloids” and organic lifeforms known as “Humanoids” do battle in the Cosmic League to win a prized Cosmo Piece. Each match divides players into two teams who try to win by draining the opposition’s Battle Points. Killing enemy units contributes towards this, but the more effective way of dropping Battle Points is to destroy the enemy’s Base Towers.


You can play as a number of different Cosmoloids and Humanoids across the various stages of the Cosmic League. One thing this sequel brings in is destructible objects, so you can smash down bridges by taking out their support beams. Sometimes, during a match, a meteor might crash into the stage and drastically alter the terrain. You character’s armor and clothes will deteriorate as you take damage as well.



The characters you’re able to play as cater for a range of playing styles, including those that enjoy keeping their distance and shooting at targets from afar, and those that prefer to get up close and personal with a giant sword. Most of them run along the ground but there are flying types to choose from as well. While maneuvering, it’s important to not only use the obstacles to your advantage, but to also look out for items to pick up, such as fragments of a Cosmo Piece that give you a temporary boost.


Also of note, CosmicBreak 2 features a soundtrack with music by Ridge Racer composer Shinji Hosoe, Secret of Mana and Soul Calibur V composer Hiroki Kikuta, and Tekken composer Nobuyoshi "sanodg" Sano.


You can find out more about CosmicBreak 2 on its official website.

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