Anime-Style Online Shooter Cosmic League Opens European Beta Registration


IDC/Games has opened up registrations for the closed beta of anime-style online shooter Cosmic League in Europe and Turkey. A new teaser trailer has also been released.


You can sign-up for the closed beta on the game’s website. It’s due to launch near the end of the first quarter of 2016. Those who sign-up and who are accepted into the beta will be notified once it’s ready.



Cosmic League first launched in Japan as Cosmic Break 2 during mid-2015. It then came to North America on December 10th 2015. Now publisher IDC/Games is planning to bring it to Europe, Turkey, and Latin America through Steam.


Cosmic League sees two teams of 10 Cosmolois (killer robot girls) battling against each other in close-quarter arenas. These arenas also change dynamically during matches as, for example, meteorites may suddenly strike the ground and send everything into chaos. There’s also a progressive unlock system and augmentations to customize your character.

Chris Priestman