Aniplex USA will be releasing an import version of the Blu-ray disc for Persona 3 the Movie #2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream, the publisher announced this week. The Blu-ray will come in standard and collector’s editions.


Both editions will feature the Director’s Cut version of Midsummer Knight’s Dream, with 4 minutes of new footage. Both editions will also include the original theatrical version of the movie, audio commentary, trailers, and commercials.


Exclusive to the collector’s edition is an original soundtrack CD (which includes the movie’s theme song, “Fate is in Our Hands”), exclusive box art by character designers Keisuke Watabe, newly-illustrated cover art, a deluxe 48-page booklet, 10 Super P3 Stickers, and three key art illustration cards. Additionally, if you order the collector’s edition from Aniplex’s official retailers, you’ll get a special translation booklet for the deluxe booklet.


The regular edition will cost $74.98 while the collector’s edition will cost $99.98. Both can be found for a lower price through Aniplex for $59.98 and $79.98 respectively. The list of official Aniplex retailers can be found here.


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