Annoy This Goldfish And It Will Destroy Everything You Create



Goldfish aren’t a creature that I have a fear of but Golden Gear Games seems determined to change that with its upcoming god game Fate Tectonics.


Let me explain. In Fate Tectonics, you build a world piece-by-piece, placing a tile of natural scenery down at a time. You do this by harnessing the power of Fates, which are god-like beings that are each tied to a certain type of terrain, such as mountains, forests, plains, and oceans.


There’s a regal woman called Penelope, an antlered hippo called Hogweed, and yes, a royal goldfish known as Barnacles, and plenty more. To use the powers of the Fates you have to keep them happy, which involves monitoring their mood at all times. If you don’t, they’ll lose their temper and turn your land back into the void that it started as.


The trick to not pissing off the Fates is to manage your tile placing with care. You see, while the Fates are tied to a certain type of terrain, they’re also opposed to others. If you get terrain near a Fate that it doesn’t like then its mood is going to plummet.


You have to bear this in mind while also creating places for the townspeople that emerge on the land. It’s important to have civilization spread as it stops those tiles from falling away.


As Golden Gear Games says, Fate Tectonics is easy to pick up, but building a stable world that isn’t getting torn apart is an acquired skill.


You can purchase Fate Tectonics for $10 on the game’s website and immediately receive the alpha version for Windows and Mac. You’ll also get the full version when the game is finished, and if it comes to Steam via Greenlight then you’ll get a Steam key, too.

Chris Priestman