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Anonymous;Code English Release Date Revealed

anonymous;code release date

Spike Chunsoft announced the Anonymous;Code release date. It will launch on September 8, 2023. It will be out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC (via Steam) and feature English voice options. The SteelBook Launch Edition (featuring art from character designer Haruhisa Nakata) is now open for pre-order via the Spike Chunsoft official website while supplies last. The game will cost $59.99.

You can watch the trailer for Anonymous;Code here:

Anonymous;Code is the sixth mainline game in Mages and Chiyomaru Studios’s Science Adventure series of ADV games. It originally came out in 2022 in Japan. The story takes place in an Earth Simulator that supercomputer GAIA created in order to prevent a Y2K38 problem. Pollon Takaoka, who possesses the ability to save and load reality, finds himself wrapped up in a myriad of wild adventures after he runs into the mysterious Momo. For those curious about the gameplay, Mages’s president Chiyomaru Shikura streamed over three hours of the game in 2022.

As for the English cast, we know of:

  • Cross: Max Mittelman (Ryuji in Persona 5)
  • Momo: Anairis Quiñones (Kimberly in Street Fighter 6)
  • Pollon: Y Chang (Colress in Pokemon Masters)

The Anonymous;Code release date is September 8, 2023. It will come out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam. You’ll be able to switch between English and Japanese voice options.

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