From France comes another concept Wii project, Capucine, a fantasy adventure where players breathe life into the world. The main character is a child who can pass off her life energy by shining a beam of light on objects in the world. In the girl’s possession is a capucine, a flower with the power of reanimatation and the sole object that lets her live in the empty world. If the girl isn’t careful about how she uses the beam she can animate shadows who will try to take the flower from her. There aren’t any enemies to fight in the game, it’s up to the player to create or not create them out of shadows.




The video was developed on the PC, but the team behind the project hopes that it will eventually be a Nintendo Wii game. They feel Capucine will be more immersive by simplifying the controls with the Wii remote. It’s just a trailer, but I’m in favor of their “give life instead of take it” concept. Someone fund this title!

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