Another Undisclosed Grin Project, This One’s For A Ninja Game


GRIN had many undisclosed projects in the works before they closed down under the threat of bankruptcy. One of them was Project Fortress, the Ivalice Alliance game for Square Enix. Another was "Blue Steel," which many believe to be a Mega Man game for Capcom.


A third unnamed project has now been uncovered, thanks to an artist resumé. Pre-production material for this one, unlike the other two, details a complex battle system, featuring a ninja character with a sword and shield as seen above.


Of more interest is the concept of "ninja stamina," which is used for advanced movement (such as shadow runs and high jumps), defense (deflecting bullets with your sword) and offense. Take a look:




There are also sketches of the ninja character fighting dinosaurs and helicopters, as well as a more detailed concept image of him. You’d think it sounds a lot like a Shinobi game, but the protagonist concept and the fact that this was a pitch from Gring makes it seem more likely that it was a new intellectual property.


image image


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