Antique Carnevale Is A Competitive Chess-Like Browser Game With Summoned Beasts



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Square Enix has been revealing bits of a new game called Antique Carnevale, and the game launched today via Yahoo! Game Plus service with a new trailer and details on how it plays.


Here’s more about Antique Carnevale’s story:

A long time ago

The gods created a game, “Duel.”

In a world where war is forbidden,

and everything is decided from victory or defeat in this game.


To the gods, “humans” were simply just “pieces” for “Duel.”

But before long, the ego of mankind sprouted,

and they exiled the very creators of Duel, the gods themselves.


Even today, after many moons have gone by,

to compete for honor and power,

the “Duel” carries on with mankind.


Antique Carnevale is a competitive intellect game that targets a broad audience, with elements borrowed from classic games such as chess and reversi in an orthodox RPG with command-based battles.


It also comes with a live function that lets you play face-to-face against the opponent using your smartphone or PC camera while playing the game online.


The game has a theme of humans and dolls, with a deep story that interweaves the Master (player) and summoners. You’ll unlock more summoned beasts used in battle by clearing quests.


The rules of battle are pretty simple, with a main objective of capturing the opponent’s king. Pieces come in three elements complete with a combat triangle system.


As for the summons, they all have their respective number of turns that a player must wait until they can be used. They all come with their own abilities as well. One of the main attractions for the game is being able to collect all kinds of various pieces and making your own team.


You can check out more from the game with character introductions of Bernhard, Elena, Thomas, May, and Amelia.

Antique Carnevale is available on PC and smartphones over at Yahoo! Japan.

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