Antique Carnevale Trailer Introduces The Sylphid Personification May



Square Enix shared a new character introduction trailer for their upcoming game, Antique Carnevale. Today we’re introduced to May, a personification of Sylphid.


May (CV: Yui Ogura)

The summoned beast Sylphid’s personification. May is a summoner who protects the Wind tribe of the forest region known as “Sylpania.” She takes the form of a girl who looks like she’s from a fairy tale, and is well-liked for her honest personality. She’s saddened about the pollution from the Avalon Company’s developments that has been stagnating Sylphania’s winds.


You can check out more with character introductions of Bernhard, Elena, and Thomas.


More information on Antique Carnevale will be revealed on July 18, 2017. The next character will be revealed on July 14. A platform has yet to be announced for the game.

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