Antique Carnevale’s Character Trailer Introduces Ifrit Personification Elena



Square Enix recently revealed a new game called Antique Carnevale with info on its protagonist and prologue. The latest update introduces us to Elena, the personification of Ifrit.



Elena (CV: Yukari Tamura)

The summoned beast Ifrit’s personification. Elena is a summoner who protects the fire tribe of a fire mountain region called “Ignicia.” Her heart burns with passion, and once someone earns her trust, she protects them until the very end. Her appearance is said to have robbed the hearts of many, but she gives herself the appearance of a beast in order to get a better understanding of herself and the fire tribe.


Check out our previous report for the character trailer for the first hero, Bernhard.


More information on Antique Carnevale will be revealed on July 18, 2017. The next character will be revealed on July 10. A platform has yet to be announced for the game.

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