Anya Watches TV in the Spy x Family Ichiban Kuji

spy family ichiban kuji

Bandai Spirits posted a picture of what its A Prize figure in the Spy x Family Ichiban Kuji will look like. It will be available from early October 2022. The full title of this collection is “Ichiban Kuji Spy x Family Lovely Ordinary Days.” While there is a list of what items to expect from this Ichiban Kuji, we only know what the A Prize will look like. It will cost 700 JPY (around $5.35) per attempt.

Bandai will likely slowly reveal the different prizes on its Twitter account. Like most Ichiban Kuji lotteries, the Spy x Family Lovely Ordinary Days collection will have prizes A to H, as well as a Last One Prize and a Double Chance Campaign. Here are the different goods you can try to get:

  • A Prize: Watching TV Figure
  • B Prize: Hugging doll (Anya Forger)
  • C Prize: Illustration board
  • D Prize: Acrylic stand
  • E Prize: Glass collection
  • F Prize: Clear folders and stickers
  • G Prize: Rubber strap
  • H Prize: Chokonokko Figure
  • Last One Prize: Watching TV Figure (Another Color)
  • Double Chance Campaign: Watching TV Figure Another Color)

The Watching TV Figure features Anya sitting in front of a television that is airing Bondman. In the story, Anya is particularly fond of the Bondman show due to the titular Bondman being a spy. It looks like she is turning around to talk to someone while holding a bag of her favorite peanuts in her hands.

The Spy x Family Ichiban Kuji will start in Japan from early October 2022. You can watch Spy x Family on streaming services such as Crunchyroll.

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