Anybody Out There Has You Text Advice To Help A Stranger Survive An Apocalypse

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Players start receiving texts from Sam, a stranger in an apocalyptic scenario, begging for help, advice, and even just some words of encouragement to stay alive in Anybody Out There: Dead City.

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Players will receive texts from Sam using a fictional messenger app, and be given an array of responses based on what Sam is saying. Players will have to choose from one of these answers to get Sam through difficult situations involving the undead hordes that are creeping about nearby, offering thoughts and ideas on how to safely proceed. Should players find the right solutions, Sam will be able to keep on going. However, some replies will result in silence from Sam for a few hours while they do what the player suggested, leaving players to wonder if they made the right call.

Anybody Out There: Dead City is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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