Anycolor CEO Releases Statement on How Nijisanji EN Will Change

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Following a statement from Elira, Vox, and Ike in regards to Selen’s termination from Nijisanji EN, Riku Tazumi, the CEO of Anycolor, made an announcement on the official Nijisanji EN YouTube account. The video is a little over six minutes long.

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You can watch the video here:

The video starts with Tazumi bowing at the audience before he says that he wishes to speak about some misunderstandings, as well as address some concerns. He first apologizes about the IR report and the usage of the word “negligible,” saying that it gave off the impression that Anycolor did not value Selen or the impact she had on the company. He also states that he will be rethinking how the company communicates in English going forth. Tazumi acknowledges that Selen’s contributions were integral to Nijisanji EN’s growth. He deeply regrets how things turned out.

Next, he addresses concerns about how Anycolor is not providing a work environment that’s safe for the livers’ mental health. He apologizes about how the company’s livers are receiving a lot of distressing messages, and he hopes people understand that some may choose to take a break from social media as a response. Tazumi then addresses the concerns people have about Anycolor’s lack of support for the EN branch. He acknowledges that there has been a lack of 3D live content in comparison to the main JP branch. However, Anycolor is recruiting more staff for EN, which will help to increase the number of new events and content. One of these events was a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament, though Anycolor canceled the event due to the recent controversies.

This controversy stems from Anycolor terminating liver Selen Tatsuki after the company made her cover of “Last Cup of Coffee” private in December 2023. Selen later Tweeted that she was in the hospital and Anycolor fired her earlier in February 2024, citing her breaches in contract.

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