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Anycolor Financial Results Show Massive Nijisanji EN Drop

In a new financial report from Anycolor, we can see that compared to the same time last year, revenue from Nijisanji EN is down. Anycolor has also compiled a report on what it plans to do to increase these numbers again.

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For starters, in FY2023/4, Nijisanji EN made $1506 from live-streaming and $4396 from commerce. Live-streaming likely means money they make from Superchats and such. As for commerce, it has to do with goods. However, in FY2024/4, Nijisanji EN made $1226 from live-streaming and $2911 from commerce. In comparison, Nijisanji JP made $3381 from live-streaming last year and $9817 in commerce. They actually experienced growth this year, making $3666 from streams and $15,991 from commerce.

Most of the policies from Anycolor when it comes to increasing growth focus on Nijisanji as a whole. The company plans to strengthen the business foundation by employing more people for management and planning, as well as increasing the number of VTubers, with an average increase of around 10-15% per year through new debuts. This also includes strengthening VTA initiatives and hiring more unique VTubers in previously unexplored areas of content. New employees will work as talent managers, illustrators, 3D model designers and studio engineers. So not only does Anycolor plan to have more VTubers, it also plans to give them resources so they can produce better content.

The drop in viewership and merchandise sales in Njisanji EN likely still has to do with what happened with Selen Tatsuki earlier this year. Selen was on a medical break in late 2023 and left the hospital in early 2024. During this time, some trouble had occurred on her channel. Anycolor removed “Last Cup of Coffee” from her channel. In February 2024, Anycolor announced it terminated Selen. This incident, along with past departures that increased distrust towards Anycolor as a company. Other reasons Nijisanji EN is experiencing a drop may have to do with normal market fluctuations or oversaturation of competing VTubers and companies.

You can read the full financial results for Nijisanji EN and other aspects of the company in the report here.

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