Aokana Extra1 Will Let You Spend More Time With Mashiro in November

aokana extra1 mashiro

Aokana is back again! This time though, it’s an optional epilogue focused entirely on one of the romance options. I hope you liked Mashiro Arisaka, because she’s the star of Aokana Extra1. Neko Nyan said people will be able to fall in love with her again on November 6, 2020.

As an epilogue, this visual novel goes in assuming you earned an ending with Mashiro in the original Aokana. She started dating Masaya Hinata, but love isn’t that easy. The two now have to learn how to get along as a couple and deal with even more daily, slice of life experiences together.

A ton of Aokana Extra1 Mashiro screenshots were also shared ahead of launch, though we don’t really get a good chance to see the English translation at all in these preliminary images. Still, we do get to see lots of other heroines from the game with her.

Neko Nyan shared the opening movie for the game too. Like the original Aokana, Kotoko is back to perform a track. While she performed the song “Infinite Sky” for the original visual novel, here she sings “One Small Step.”

Aokana Extra1 will come to PCs via Steam on November 6, 2020. It will support both achievements and cloud saves and be playable with English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles. The original Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC worldwide. (It also appeared on the PlayStation Vita in Japan.)

Jenni Lada
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