Apocalypse Survivors Still Need To Be Fed In This Action/Food Management Game



Food is an important part of surviving any apocalypse, which is why the player will be putting the meat of the mutants they kill to nourishing use in Gunman Taco Truck.


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Players are making their way across the USA to the safe haven of Winnipeg in Canada, and will have to shoot and serve all along the way. Players will kill mutants that get in the way of their vehicle using an array of weapons, then harvest the exploded meat for later servings.


At each stop, players can serve the food they’ve picked off the road as tacos, having to put the food together with various toppings to create specific tacos for an array of hungry survivors. If they can put these tacos together quickly and correctly, they’ll get cash that will let them buy upgrades to their truck, get supplies for their own survival, and pick up gas for their travels.


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Gunman Taco Truck is being designed by Brenda and John Romero based off of the ideas of Donovan, Brenda Romero’s son. Their child came up with the ideas, enemies, and concepts of the game, and the couple has been hard at work translating them into the game.


Gunman Taco Truck is set to release on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. It is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight and is available for preorder on Humble Bundle.

Alistair Wong
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